The First Ever Digital Products Directory Now Live!

The struggle for product creators and website owners to obtain both high quantities and qualities of traffic becomes increasingly difficult as over time traffic methods and search engine optimization methods become oversaturated and overused. Warrior-Products.Com was started by Internet Marketing success Matt Canei, who engineered this site to provide crucial exposure that will benefit both product exposure and will build backlinks to product creator’s websites or sales pages.

The site is built specifically for the promotion and to increase exposure of products created by fellow internet marketers or other niche product creators. The features of the site include featured listings that are shown on the main page and your product’s category/sub-category pages. Beyond featured listings, the features include: full product title and description, link to your product’s site (crucial SEO backlink), the price of your product, a full section of the site that displays just the user’s product listing and a payment gateway that allows visitors to buy a product listed just at a click of the supplied button.

In a sense, the site acts as three traffic methods: link directory (the backlink provided by your listing), article directory (the product description has a large 명품레플리카 cap, meaning that a LOT of information about a product can be listed) and an affiliate program/shopping cart system (your own paypal or another payment gateway script can be included so that your product can be purchased directly off of the site). This will cut down greatly on product creator’s expenses to promote their product as a huge portion of their promotions can be done straight from Warrior-Products.Com.

As far as pricing, the site staff has made product listings ridiculously affordable. Taking advantage of all of the great features and benefits of Warrior-Products costs only $7.00 for a basic listing which will be displayed in the Category or Sub-Category of choice. For increased listing exposure, for $50.00 a featured listing can be purchased that will remain featured for the life of the site. The featured product listings are cycled at random and are displayed on the main site and the category/subcategory of your product. With that stated, a featured listing could appear on three different parts of the site at any one time besides your normal product listing that will also be visible, so your listing could be accessible from four different places on the site.

The creator of the site believes that this site will revolutionize and create a new method of web traffic and product promotion. He urges product creators to take advantage of the site and spread the word while it is fresh and new so that the high level of benefit can be obtained from being the first to take advantage of a new traffic/promotion method.

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