An Owner’s Guide to Horse Calming Supplements

Not all horses are easy-going and relaxed 24 hours per day. Depending on their environment, personalities, and certain disturbances, they can become edgy, tense, unfocused, spooked or confused. Dealing with horses in these moods can be particularly difficult. Fortunately, veterinary scientists have developed a safe and effective line of supplements owners can give their horses to help them calm down and soothe their nerves so they can better handle stressful situations like competitions, traveling, heat and disturbances.

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Not all horse calming supplements are the same. Some are formulated specifically for horses with a penchant for getting spooked and others are created to help irritable horses focus on the task at hand or handle the stresses of travel. Check the labels of the supplements thoroughly Prostastream . Doing so will give you a proper understanding of what is supplement is formulated for as well as any side effects they may have on your horse.

Before you buy, make a list of the common stress symptoms you see exhibited in each of your horses individually, and shop accordingly. Some horses may be able to share supplements, while others may need another type of supplement more tailored for their personalities. For example, some are designed to help horses experiencing a combination of spookiness, nerves and an unfocused mind. Others help tense and irritable horses relax, while some are specifically designed to handle the unique stresses of competition environments and travel.

B1 supplements are one of the most popular options many horse owners use. This particular B vitamin helps transmit nerve impulses throughout the body, helping horses zone in and focus on a particular task despite distractions. Others convert amino acids into serotonin, a hormone that gives the feeling of being happy and content.

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