Electric Back Massagers Ease Aches and Pains

The back carries most of your body’s weight. These days in the corporate world there are many demands of you to write for long hours at your desk or spend hours in front of a computer typing in your chair 오피쓰 . Chances are, your chair isn’t even ergonomically designed and your back gets all of the abuse. The rise of technology has provided a solution to your back aches and pains – the dawn of the electric back massagers.

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Electric back massagers come in all shapes, sizes and forms. The most popular electric back massagers come in the form of a chair. The aching person sits on the chair and chooses from a variety of programs that allow the chair to focus either on the lower back or the upper back. You will then input your choices in an interface and the back-rest springs to life. Vibrations emanate from the back-rest as machines massage the back. Some electric chair massagers have the capacity to analyze the form of one’s back and spine to better target the muscles located in it.

Other electric back massagers are handheld and look very much like a regular shower-head. A button is pressed and the tip either vibrates, rolls, beats, or kneads. Handheld electric back massagers are great for isolated aches and pains and are more flexible in treating muscle pains for it can be used to treat thighs and arms as well. Some handheld electric massagers come with infra-red devices that claim to sooth and rejuvenate tired muscles. These handheld massagers are great for massaging not only yourself, but your loved ones as well.

Yet another kind of ingenious electric massager is the shiatsu body massager. This type of massager is bigger than the hand held massager and can stand on its own. The shiatsu body massager does not only massage the back, but it does well in massaging the neck, the arms, or even the legs. It utilizes a certain type of massage called acupressure, which aims to regulate the flow of energy within one’s body. A shiatsu massage requires the user to press specific body parts on the massager. This creates intense relaxation while restoring the body’s natural balance. Shiatsu body massagers, as opposed to other electric back massagers, claim to give the user smoother skin, as well as other attractive benefits.

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