Project Management of Complex Global Projects

Almost all major organisations now have a global presence and it is common for a project manager to have the responsibility of leading projects and teams from different countries and cultures PMP certification . In order to effectively.

manage a geographically diverse project the communication and cultural barriers must be addressed at the outset of a project in order to build a successful multi-cultural team with a united common goal it might be assumed that the differences.

It is important to recognise that seemingly minor differences are sufficient to affect the outcome of the project. For example, if countries are near to each other and not very culturally different (such as a UK-based project with teams in Spain) or if teams are based far away from each other but have the same language and culture (such as a US-based project with Australian teams),

Such assumptions are almost always invalid and experience has shown that any one of the following differences will affect the project and these differences do have to be managed in the teams will not unduly affect the project appropriately.

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