What Is So Special About The Vivo V21E?

Vivo V21E was released on 24th May 2021. This device is basically similar to the tried and tested predecessors to the V20 such as the V20 and the VOGA Flip. However, it does not come with an external memory stick. Therefore, if you want to transfer large files and movies, you will have to settle for your trusty external USB memory stick.

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The Vivo V21E comes with both a camera and a handwriting recognition technology Vivo V21e . The camera comes with an eight megapixel primary camera with laser autofocus and a two megapixel secondary camera. The handset also comes equipped with android 11, a design that matches the company’s new Vigor theme, a smooth skin interface, a high-speed quad core processor and a generous amount of memory that can support the use of a large number of applications. The handset also features a USB port, a headphone jack, a WiFi access point, and a geotectrum that is used for the in-built GPS functionality.

The Vivo v 21E comes with two sims, namely the Vivo Moxie and the Vivo Optimo. As with other devices of this variety, the Vivo Moxie comes with Google Now, an online ready interface for the Android platform and the Android native dialer, which helps you manage your calls through automated voice commands. The Vivo Optimo comes with Google Maps, a suite of Android tools that include the Google Earth and Google Maps application along with navigation features. This package also includes the Vivo Camera Setup, which lets you turn your smartphone into a digital camera, and the Ease Install Facility, which is ideal for optimizing the battery life of your device. The Android Market app lets you browse the market, play music and videos, download and manage the latest apps and a lot more.

Like many smartphones, the Vivo v 21E comes equipped with digital photography abilities, namely the ability to take clear and excellent pictures and videos. It has an 8 mega-pixels camera fitted with optical zoom and has double exposure detection. To add to all the high end features, the phone also offers you the usual connectivity features – data cable, micro SD card, USB cable, infrared port, Bluetooth, MMS and so on. You can connect to the internet via a high speed 4G connection or you can use a mobile Wi-Fi to access it if you want to.

A few features worth mentioning are the built in GPS, touch screen, multi functional buttons, notification LED and the firm memory. The main highlight of this device is the fact that it has the latest chipset inside it – the MediaTek chipset. This chipset is not only unique but it is also very powerful. It gives the device the ability to operate in the finest resolution and colors as well as perform exceptionally well in the speed department. It is the chipset that gives the cell phone the ability to double the battery capacity of the handset.

As a result of the chipset, the device runs at up to seventy hours without a single hitches. Users can expect around two or three days of battery life with this amazing phone. In terms of the camera, the Vivo v 21E offers up to six megapixels in its lens and can shoot up to thirty frames of video. For those who would like to get the clearest picture, the camera should be used for professional purposes.

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