Why Women Increasingly Prefer Online Poker

Since the early days of poker it has been known as a card game that men typically only play, but over the past five years or so a lot more women have begun playing online poker. There are several reasons for this which we’re going to take a look at in this article. One of the main reasons why women prefer to play poker online is because they can remain anonymous and they don’t need to reveal their identity. Often in a land based casino women who play poker will be at a disadvantage somewhat because they will typically attract a lot of callers which limits any bluffs they can make. In an online poker game the other players won’t be able to tell who is a woman and who isn’t so it’s a level playing field idnplay .

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Another reason why women prefer playing online is because they don’t need to deal with any of the male players making any rude remarks. In a live game often men can lose their emotions especially when they lose to a women and it can cause for uncalled for verbal abuse. This shouldn’t be tolerated in the casino, but often it will be shrugged off and the woman will need to deal with it. A lot of women also don’t like going to the casino, but they don’t mind playing from the comfort of their living room while their watching TV at night.

There is a lot of money to be made in online poker and over the past five years thousands of women have proven this. The amount of women making money playing poker has grown significantly over the past several years and it’s due to a combination of different reasons such as the ones mentioned above. Women poker players are also a lot more tight then most men and they don’t mind sitting at the table avoiding the action until they get a hand. Often this helps attribute to why more women have been making money playing online poker over the years.

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