Body Jewelry – Funky and Cool

From ancient times, the wearing of body jewelry has been an essential part of the rituals of many cultures. As well as being an indispensable part of clothing and dress for these people, body jewelry was also used to distinguish among the various social classes, e.g. royalty, subjects and slaves. Today, body jewelry has become a fashion trend that is sported publicly by both celebrities and common folk alike oufer .

The recent craze of body piercing has reached new heights in our culture, and continues to gain in popularity each year. Many consider body jewelry to be both funky and cool. Body jewelry is usually meant for specific places on the body that includes ear plugs, belly button rings, tongue studs, eye brow rings, lip rings, nose rings, as well as for private areas such as genital jewelry, and nipple rings. These jewelry items have become more mainstream these days, and the choice of jewelry reflects the fashion style of each person.

For some, ear plugs are funky; for others, piercing the eye brows or lips represent cool. There is jewelry for nearly every conceivable body part, and the range of styles are endless. Whether you choose funky or cool, make sure your jewelry is not only fashionable but also good for your body. That is to say, make sure you get quality jewelry that will not cause any kind of allergic reactions or rashes on the body. Most jewelry is made of Gold, Silver, Titanium, or Surgical Steel, and in most cases, these materials will minimize the risk of infection or allergic reaction.

Body jewelry is not only funky and cool, but also stylish, beautiful, and sensual. Wisely choosing jewelry to adorn your piercing is sure to make a bold fashion statement. Wearing it can set you apart and showcase your personal uniqueness. By wearing that perfect glittering body jewelry, you are certain to make a fashion statement and stand out far from the crowd.

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