Do It Yourself Yellow Letter Marketing

Yellow letters are a widely proclaimed marketing technique that boasts a 10-15% response rate. The premise is to hand-write a letter in red ink on yellow paper offering to buy or sell a product or service. Since this technique uses invitation style envelopes and live stamps most recipients will open and read it vs identifying it as junk mail to be discarded. Additionally, since the letter is handwritten, and personalized to them it helps to build rapport buy instagram followers.

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Materials and Cost Savings

One time / fixed cost items include a printer and word processor such as Microsoft Office or (free download). So long as it supports mail merge any word processor will work. Additionally, we’ll use a digital scanner. Since we’ll only use it twice you might consider borrowing a neighbors or friends vs purchasing your own. You’ll also need your marketing list complete with first name, property address and mailing address. To create these lists you can use an online service such as

A do-it-yourself campaign can provide significant cost savings when compared to many online yellow letter services. To give you a sense for the savings a 1000 letter campaign online may cost $1.40 per letter totaling $1400. Doing it yourself may be as cheap as $650 for a savings of $750. Note that I didn’t price shop on the raw materials so you may be able to beat this by buying in bulk or finding a better deal. These items can be picked up for prices similar to below at any office supply store such as Walmart, Staples and Office Depot.

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