Wedding Shirts

When couples are trying to sort out the wedding attire for the groom and groomsmen it is perfectly acceptable to hire the suits. They will then be asked if they want to hire or purchase the shirts to go with the suits. Hiring them is obviously the cheaper alternative but hiring shirts can be more trouble than it is worth.

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If a wedding couple decide to take the cheaper option of hiring shirts they maybe faced with the problem of having the groom and groomsmen all wearing a different shade of the same shirt. This is caused when a hired shirt is laundered, the more a shirt is laundered the more colour it will lose CommeDesGarconShop . This is a huge problem with the most popular ivory wedding shirt. Once an ivory shirt is laundered it will lose some of the colour and it is very hard to match a group of ivory shirts and guarantee a wedding party that all the shirts are the same colour.

Another problem with hiring shirts is hygiene issues. It is not a very good idea to wear one that has been on another persons back. What if the person that hired the shirt before you had acne or other skin problem on their back. There is no way of knowing what the person who wore the shirt in the past was like. Another hygiene problem is knowing if the shirt has been laundered properly after a previous wedding. If the suit hire shop sees that a shirt doesn’t look dirty they could spray it with give it an iron and hope the next customer does not notice. If you choose to hire a wedding shirt you should ask the shop can you see the receipt for when the shirt was last laundered. The shop should have no problem with showing you the receipt and if they do there is a good chance that it has not been given a proper wash.

When making this decision you have to add up the costs. The average price to buy a new wedding shirt is €70 while the average price to hire one is €15. If you choose to hire the shirts you will save roughly €55 per item. This could be a lot to a wedding with a tight budget so it could be the preferred option. If you want to be guaranteed to have the same shade of colour through all of the shirts you will have to buy the them new.

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