The Battle for Weight Loss Begins in the Mind – The A B C’s of How to Win at Weight Loss

WEIGHT LOSS has emerged as one of the all- time struggles of modern man especially in the Western World in the twentieth, and now, the twenty first century.

As people have grown away from consuming less and less, of natural food, and more and more, of processed foods, the rates of obesity has been rising. Not only are there more adults who are overweight and obese, but many more children are classified in these categories.

Obesity in itself is a precursor to several related diseases and conditions.

Losing weight is a process which should be undertaken as a journey. Start somewhere. Do not expect instant results. The need for rapid results and quick fixes often leads to frustration, and quitting.’

There are weight loss guides everywhere, but there are also many struggles. I have put together a layman’s alphabet of “Weight Loss tips” There are designed to be easily remembered, by the letters of the alphabet.


The ACTION necessary here is to make up your mind to do something about it, if excess body fat is hampering your health. If you are only mildly overweight, now is the time to take action. It becomes harder, (Both psychologically and physically) as the weight increases and there is more to lose.

If you are very much overweight or obese, it may be easy to throw your hands in the air, and think that it is impossible for you to do anything about it. If you think you can’t, or if you think you can, you are RIGHT. The longest journey begins with the first step. The first step is to make up your mind to take ACTION.

BE PREPARED mentally and physically for the journey. Yes it is a journey. Set your sights on your destination and make an attainable plan as to how you will get there. Prepare for what physical activity you will incorporate in your lifestyle. Prepare for how you will make sure that you have the correct meals on a daily Biotox basis. If you are cooking, prepare to cook or partially cook meals in advance. The objective is to make the weight loss journey as comfortable for you as possible, so that it is not frustrating. It is better to look at it as a series of lifestyle changes that you will implement gradually.

CLEAR YOUR HEAD of the influences that you have embraced from external influences. Those notions that have convinced you that you either don’t need to lose weight or that it is impossible.
Things like, “You are just big boned.” Or “It’s not your fault. It runs in the family.” CONDITION your mind, that losing weight will be to your benefit, health wise. It will prevent many health conditions in the future.

DETERMINATION is a crucial component. Once you start to implement measures that will lead to weight loss, it is rarely ever a smooth ride. It will become difficult at times. You will be tempted to give up. You must determine that when those road bumps appear that you will not give up. DISCIPLINE is also an important ingredient. To not do the things that are DETRIMENTAL to your weight loss, and to do what is beneficial.

EMPTY your physical environment of negative influences. For example: those who will try to convince you that you are wasting your time. And others who will influence you negatively by not supporting your efforts.

EMPTY your environment of processed foods that are not conducive to weight loss. Sodas, jams jellies, any foods that pack a punch of calories and sugars. ELIMINATE activities that stop you from being as active as possible.

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