Using a Tarp Throughout Winter For Protection

Tarps have so many different uses in today’s society. The many available uses are largely credited to the enormous selection and variety of tarps on the market. From fire retardant tarps to mesh shade screen tarps, there is a cover available that will surely be useful in applications around the house and workplace. However, the heavy-duty poly tarp is the ideal choice for winter coverage due to its durability and waterproof characteristics.

A Woman With a Tarp | Hyperlite Mountain Gear

The heavy-duty poly tarp is comprised of cross weaved poly fibers that are laminated together in three layers then heat sealed and hemmed for durability in outdoor environments. The lamination process along with the added UV agents is what gives the tarp covers there outstanding waterproofing capability. The final step in completion of this all weather protective cover is the grommet process. Each heavy-duty tarp is retrofitted with rust resistant, aluminum grommets every eighteen inches. The grommets are used to secure the tarp cover to anchor points and the eighteen inch spacing distributes the pressure evenly to help reduce stress and tears buy tarpaulin.

Tarps can be used by itself or in conjunction with a framed structure and will provide winter protection for cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, equipment and supplies. Tarp covers are available in hundreds of different sizes and colors. The larger poly tarp covers such as the 150′ x 150′ is commonly used for the coverage of baseball and other athletic fields but has also been helpful in the construction industry for temporary roof coverage during the winter months. In addition to construction, the poly tarp can be found in every industry around the world. Great for slope coverage, heavy-duty tarp divert rain water and prevent seepage into delicate soils. This is extremely important during the winter months in areas that have had previous fire damage and lack vegetation. Tarps can help prevent erosion of these sensitive hillsides and prevent mudslides and flash floods.

This versatile cover has been gaining much popularity over the years and is replacing more expensive covers such as vinyl and canvas. The super heavy-duty poly tarp provides the same protection as other fabrics but is lightweight and affordable. Furthermore, the poly tarp is made of high density polyethylene, which is naturally resistant to mold, rot and mildew. The laminated surface will not wear off and the waterproofing characteristics do not need to be re-applied at a later date. These key factors have made the heavy-duty poly tarp the ideal cover for winter protection.

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